Optimal’s software shows the way to Industry 4.0 at leading PAT even

The 17th edition of the annual International Forum on Process Analytical Chemistry (IFPAC) was a great success for event sponsor Optimal Industrial Technologies. During this year’s digital event, the company welcomed high attendance and positive feedback to its presentation ‘Implementation of PAT and Data Systems to Enhance Quality, Cost and Manufacturing Time’. The company showcased how its software, synTQ, can enhance quality assurance strategies while reducing manufacturing times and costs in a regulatory compliant way.

The IFPAC Annual Summit provides a unique platform for leaders in pharmaceutical sciences and biopharmaceuticals to discuss the latest developments in the industry. These include advances in Process Analytical Technology (PAT), Quality by Design (QbD) and the future of manufacturing. Generally held in Puerto Rico, this year the event took place online, attracting attendees from all over the world.

Some of the key topics discussed during the virtual summit included data integrity and Industry 4.0. Optimal contributed to the debate by showcasing how the implementation of PAT and data management platforms, such as synTQ, can help pharmaceutical manufacturers improve end product quality and consistency as well as costs and cycle times. The adoption of these solutions is becoming increasingly common and straightforward to execute, due to continual product development and the exponential growth in the marketplace.

During the presentation, Martin Gadsby, Director at Optimal Industrial Technologies, explained the key benefits of synTQ, which is used by over 60% of global pharmaceutical manufacturers. The solution provides a regulatory-compliant platform to set up data-driven R&D and manufacturing operations while offering closed-loop quality-centric control, data storage, analytics and reporting functions for quality audits. As a result, businesses can leverage the power of Big Data to substantially optimise their processes and end product quality as well as ensure GMP practices.

IFPAC attendees also had the opportunity to contact the company’s leading experts to discuss how synTQ can help improve their R&D and manufacturing strategies.

Martin Gadsby comments: “As proud long-term sponsors and presenters at IFPAC, we were delighted to support the first virtual summit. Platforms like this are key to showing businesses how they can increase their competitiveness with advanced technologies.

“The event gave us the perfect chance to interact with our new and existing partners. We were also engaged in multiple fruitful discussions with pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical specialists on how we can help them boost productivity and throughput without increasing their manufacturing footprint. We invite anyone interested in learning more about PAT and synTQ to contact us.”

Published September 3, 2020