Optimal announces latest synTQ USA User Group Meeting

Optimal Industrial Automation will hold its next synTQ Process Analytical Technology (PAT) user community development meeting in Maryland this April. The User Group Meeting is in response to demand from users of the process optimisation software suite, to learn more about implementing and maximising their benefits of using the system. Demand has rocketed as five of the top ten global pharma companies now have adopted versions of synTQ and positive results are being seen. These typically include improved quality, lower costs plus faster development and manufacturing times, whilst new processes require much smaller factory floor footprints.

The synTQ USA User Group Meeting will gather users of the synTQ PAT framework based software suite together to discuss the progress of the technology, while also imparting techniques, best practises, benefits and implementation paths when utilising the software for development and manufacturing.

The meeting is a pre-register event only and takes place from the 25th – 26th April at the BWI Airport Marriott in Linthicum Heights, Maryland.

Event highlights include real world case studies, a full demonstration of the latest generation synTQ V5, a planned synTQ enhancements announcement and a presentation of the synTQ to Waters Empower interface. The meeting also contains a user led forum section with an open format, allowing attendees to impart knowledge, best practises and share challenges encountered regarding their PAT implementation efforts.

The primary aim is to build the knowledge base among users of what may be a relatively new technology to them, for them to learn from other users, and indeed for Optimal to learn from clients on their preferred future development direction. Many experienced users are delivering stunning results; which opens up the possibility of continuous manufacture and real time release for pharmaceutical products; so information sharing between users is vital.

While continuous manufacture has been present in many sectors for a long while, the differentiation for pharmaceutical production is the increased number of regulatory challenges it faces. Traditionally, drugs would always require lengthy batch production with regular hold points for quality testing before being delivered to market, which would naturally increase time to market. However, process analytical technology has caused a paradigm shift in the industry towards increased speed of production, with synTQ already in use by some companies reducing that process time literally from weeks to hours.

synTQ V5 allows the continuous manufacture of pharmaceuticals by predicting product quality attributes in real-time, and using this data to control the process based directly on product quality. When applied correctly this provides continuous and holistic quality assurance which can eliminate the need for conventional laboratory testing and facilitate Real time Release. This can eliminate the need for testing post production, which can reduce time to market for pharmaceuticals massively. synTQ is equally applicable to research and development environments, to many forms of processing (such as FMCG, chemical and food), plus batch and continuous processes – offering the same speed, quality and cost advantages.

Martin Gadsby, Director at Optimal Industrial Automation, commented: “Our user group meetings seem to be very well received as we are regularly asked by users to hold them, and we’d love to hold more as the global usage grows. What we aim to do however is to address the immediate needs of our users and understand their future requirements, so that we can further develop an already proven platform to offer ever more functionality and so deliver even better results. By building a community of PAT users, we aim to simplify implementation paths and share experiences on how the technology can move forward as a whole. It’s beneficial to our users and ourselves as we use feedback to develop further iterations of synTQ V5.”

The synTQ User Group Meeting USA takes place on the 25th – 26th April at the BWI Airport Marriott, 1743 W Nursery Road in Linthicum Heights, Maryland, USA.

Published April 21, 2017