Leading PAT software leads the way in advanced manufacturing at IFPAC Puerto Rico 2019

At the IFPAC Summer Summit 2019 in Puerto Rico, Optimal Industrial Technologies will showcase synTQ V5 software – a potential cornerstone for building a solid process analytical technology (PAT) framework that addresses the growing need for data-driven smart manufacturing.

International Forum on Process Analytical Chemistry (IFPAC) meetings provide a unique opportunity for global experts to discuss the most recent developments in PAT and Quality by Design (QbD). This year’s IFPCA Summer Summit, also known as IFPAC Puerto Rico, will focus on advanced manufacturing and control through continuous manufacturing, data analytics and Pharma 4.0.

Well-aligned with these topics, Optimal will showcase how its leading PAT knowledge management platform, synTQ, can support digital transformation and boost competitiveness significantly. Ryan Dougall, Business Development Manager at Optimal, comments: “As industry leaders of PAT knowledge management, Optimal has attended several IFPAC events over the years. We look forward to contributing once more to the fruitful discussions at IFPAC Puerto Rico and showing how synTQ can support pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to leverage the power of Big Data in a safe and secure manner.”

synTQ is a regulatory-compliant, user-friendly process orchestrator that offers key actionable insight into manufacturing processes to drive quality control, consistency and process efficiency. Transferrable directly from the development lab into production, synTQ software combines real-time data and multivariate analysis models. It will detect when a manufacturing process is moving out of its optimum operating window, affecting product quality, and correct the relevant parameters live, as they take place. Therefore, the software is a key tool for smart manufacturing.

In addition, synTQ can handle the ever-increasing volume of process data, instrumentation settings and control parameters required by continuous processes, offering a robust storage and reporting platform. In order to address the need for data integrity in PAT, the software contains physical and procedural controls. These protect the records within the system as well as guarantee that these are authentic, incorruptible, and confidential.

Ryan Dougall concludes: “Competitiveness, innovation and productivity continue to become increasingly important to businesses. Given these circumstances, the ability to model products and processes in a virtual world and use these to speed up and improve operations from R&D to full scale manufacturing, becomes a must for industries in different sectors. We invite anyone interested in learning more about how PAT knowledge management software, such as synTQ, can help with advanced manufacturing to come and visit us at IFPAC Summer Summit 2019.”

Visit Optimal Industrial Technologies on IBS Caribe booth at IFPAC Summer Summit 2019, taking place from 12th – 13th June at Courtyard by Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort, Carolina, Puerto Rico

Published May 29, 2019